Interactive panel discussion on the economic dimensions of NCDs and health, how these relate to access to care, sustainable financing, and population coverage using concrete case studies
Katie Dain, NCD Alliance (United Kingdom)
Martin Bernhardt, Sanofi Aventis
Luis Encarnación, Fundacion Midete (Mexico)
Interactive panel discussion on the global political response to NCDs, strategies to reduce NCD risk factors, and improve health and economic outcomes
Louise Codling, World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) (United Kingdom)
Jonathan Liberman, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer (Australia)
Adam Karparti, Vital Strategies (United States)
Panel Discussion
Vincenzo Valentini, Università Cattolica S.Cuore (Italy)
Gisela Abbam, Ditta
Andras C Fehervary, Ditta
Jochen Dormeier, Siemens healthineers (Germany)
Ben Pais, Elekta


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